Dreams of a Blue Flame

The Book of WHAT?!


Tonight we returned to The House of Wonders in Waterdeep, intending to meet with our contact, Tarel, who was trying to get us an audience with The Blackstaff. When we arrived, Tarel was not at the temple. The priest we spoke to informed us that he had not been seen in several days, but also said this was not unusual. He introduced himself as Ilebrost. He was dubious of our intentions. I was unable to convince him, but the Professor’s golden tongue was much more persuasive. When he learned that we were trying to contact the Blackstaff, he offered to introduce us himself.

The Blackstaff is rather…interesting. We told him of our mission to stop The Spellplague, being sent to Candlekeep by Elminster, and now our search for the skull of Alaundo. He seemed much more worried about how we were going to pay Sangalor for the skull than he was about the killing of Mystra to be honest. He sent us to recover a tome that he thought would be a fair trade for the prophet’s skull: The Book of Vile Darkness.


AndrewGatlin AndrewGatlin

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