Dreams of a Blue Flame

In Which Ahkek and Clarity Make Some Questionable Decisions


Made our way out of Skullport after the meeting with Sangalor. I have rarely been so happy to be gone from a place. Once again my appearance gave us problems, this time in booking passage on a merchant ship to carry us back to the surface.

Took rooms at the Black Star again. Was just about asleep when Clarity knocked. Said she saw something suspicious at the house across the street. Looked like bodies were being carried inside. She was going to investigate. I didn’t want her to get into trouble alone, so I went along. We found an odd carriage stopped in front of the house. No seats, and Clarity says she saw blood inside.

We snooped around outside for a bit, but didn’t really see or hear anything. Clarity was convinced of what she had seen, and given the carriage we found I was inclined to believe her. I managed to get into the house through a second story window, but the scum inside got the drop on me. Clarity and I were able to hold our own until the Professor and Ivor showed up.

We managed to take everyone down. Initially there was no real evidence of foul play. A search of the bodies showed that the leader was a priest of Shar. That along with his poisoned belt buckle leads me to wonder if this is another connection to the Zhentarim. Clarity discovered an enchanted iron maiden. Which a test showed to function as a portal to …somewhere. We were unwilling to enter and find out. It did provide a convenient way to dispose of the bodies. I imagine this is also the reason that we did not find the bodies that Clarity saw being carried into the house.


AndrewGatlin AndrewGatlin

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